Gayle Ward

First post: Mar 7, 2018 Latest post: Apr 20, 2018
As many of you know, Gayle has been in Monterey Community Hospital since Monday of last week - 2/26. Since last October, she has been dealing with a sarcoma that has metastasized to her lungs. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of treatment options for this particular type of cancer. She has been on a regimen taken in a pill form that the doctors were hopeful might shrink the tumors, but a recent scan found that the tumors had grown significantly. At the same time, Gayle started having shortness of breath and when she was admitted to the hospital, doctors also found a pulmonary embolism as well as fluid surrounding her lungs. She was given a blood thinner that effectively dealt the embolism and has had a surgery to try to negate the fluid. She also started chemotherapy this last Monday. She's had numerous ups and downs but has been unfailingly cheerful and funny; the same old Gayle. The outpouring of love and support and offers to help has been tremendous... Gayle is truly much loved in this community. Jess and I thought it might be easiest to use this website to help organize the offers for help, and so that Jess and hopefully Gayle herself can provide regular updates to everyone. I'll be attempting to implement the calendar so that you can sign up for dinner deliveries for Pete (we can't forget about Pete!) and when Gayle comes home, for both of them, as well as for other ways we can support them. We are open to suggestions... contributions towards house cleanings, help with the horses, help in the yard, etc.  Other ideas?  I'll let Jess jump in with additional information, but we both wanted to thank you for the prayers, good vibes, friendship and love you have been sending to Gayle. She's definitely got the biggest fan club in Carmel Valley and beyond!  Cancer journey's are so unwanted, but we appreciate you helping her to fight this and for making her road just a little easier.