Vestal Hasty Cancer Battle

First post: Mar 10, 2020 Latest post: Sep 15, 2020
Thank you for visiting this site. Here you can stay updated on Ves’ journey, leave well-wishes or tributes to him & the family and find ways to help if you so wish (bottom of this page or ways-to-help page).

This page is maintained by multiple family members who will provide updates as we can. Please check here, before reaching out to the family directly for any updates. The entire Hasty family appreciates any and all thoughts, prayers and assistance you provide. To catch everyone up, on the past 10 months…  Back in May 2019, after a routine Doc visit and some tests were run, Vestal was diagnosed with stage 3 Esophageal cancer in June 2019. The following months we waited and talked to docs. The game plan was to go through Chemo and radiation treatments followed by an esophejectomy to remove the esophagus and cancer. From July-Sept2019 he went through 6½ weeks of treatments. In August he had a feeding tube placed in anticipation of the upcoming surgery and the weight loss that he was already experiencing. Feb 11, 2020 the 9 hour esophejectomy was performed, which resulted in the removal of a peach size mass that surrounded the esophagus near the stomach. The docs confirmed that visually all the cancer was removed. In the two weeks to follow, Ves recovered, got stronger and eventually was sent home on Feb 20. He was doing great until Feb 23, when he was taken to the ER for excruciating pain and trouble breathing. The docs found a leak in the connection point and that fluid was draining into the chest cavity, creating the pain and breathing issues. Ves was transferred to St. Anthony in Denver for yet another surgery to hopefully fix the problem. This is where we currently are with surgery lined up for Mar 11. We do not yet know where tomorrow will take us or how long we will be here before returning home. We will continue to provide updates on the Journal Page. Please keep Vestal in your thoughts and prayers and leave him some words of encouragement on the Well Wishes page. As far as helping the family, right now the only thing that we could use at this point in time, is prayer and assistance with the cost of being in Denver: hotel, food, transportation. For the three family members it's costing us approx $150/day to be in denver. If you would like to make a donation to Vestal or the family please do so with one of the following apps, using 719-250-7632 -Zelle (fee free), preffered app -Venmo (2.3% fee) Thank you for any amount you donate. It is so, very much appreciated.