Florence Eslow

First post: Mar 22, 2021 Latest post: Apr 16, 2021
I'm starting this site so that family & friends can get daily updates on my mom's status.  I will do my best to update it daily so that folks can stay updated.

Flo suffered a broken hip on March 15 in a fall.  We are not certain how she fell, believe she lost her balance or her legs just gave out while she was trying to get up from eating dinner.  Donn & I were upstairs when we heard her fall, we called 911 and was in the ER in less than 30 minutes after the fall. She had surgery at St. Luke's Hospital on 3/16.  The surgery went well and she was transferred to Surrey Place which is a skilled nursing rehab facility thru the St. Luke's network on 3/19.  The first weekend was basically getting settled there and evaluated by PT / OT.  She will be receiving 1 1/2 hour therapy each day with the goal of regaining enough mobility to come home with me.  As most of you probably know hip injuries in elderly woman is a very serious condition in terms of other complications. She will have a lot of work ahead & we appreciate all prayers that she regains strength.  She is currently pretty weak but is not in pain however understandably is unable to move without assistance.  She is upset that she will not be able to get her 2nd COVID shot this coming week as planned & asks me several times a day to get it for her.  Unfortunately the rehab facility does not have the same vaccine she received for her 1st dose  so they are saying that we will have to wait until I can get it for her elsewhere.  I am grateful though that Surrey Place has great COVID policy and at least allows me to visit her daily during the initial 14 day quarantine period.  It's actually the only facility that is allowing visitors!  I am the only one allowed to visit her in her room.  After the 14 days are up she will be allowed 4 additional family members which must be approved by the facility.  They will be able to schedule visits in advance in a special area that limits access to the other patients.  so while this is frustrating, I am grateful for this much and can certainly understand the heartbreaking conditions other families have gone thru over the past year with nursing homes.

Again, I know Flo is loved by many and hope this site will help keep you all updated.    Cindy