Tawny and Brandon Bishop Pray for Ezekiel Bishop

First post: Jun 2, 2019 Latest post: Jun 3, 2019
Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and prayers. 

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*His account is Brandon-Bishop-3
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Zekes Birth:
Baby Ezekiel “Zeke” was born on May 31st weighing 1 lb. 14 oz. His expected due date was August 30th, but baby Zeke had other plans. Tawny was rushed into the hospital as she was experiencing labor pains.  Upon arrival at the hospital the doctor determined baby was under stress and Tawny was in active labor.  At that time it was determined the need for an emergency c-section.  Tawny was 90% effaced and was 1 cm dilated. Baby Zeke was out within 2 minutes with a full head of hair, ten toes, and ten fingers. Brandon (the father), and both grandmas were able to see baby Zeke right away and speak to him. The moment Brandon spoke to baby Zeke he opened his eyes.  Tawny saw the baby briefly before being transported. 

Baby Zeke was then transported to Rady’s Children’s Hospital. The first night a doctor told Brandon that Zeke wouldn’t make it through the night and he needed to say his goodbyes. But baby Zeke wasn’t ready to give up and began breathing on his own at 49%! 

Today baby Zeke is breathing on his own at 60%. His next 48 hours are most critical to not have any brain bleeds or seizures. If there is a brain bleed there is an increased chance of cerebral palsy. 

Baby Zeke is in the nicu and is able to hear when people speak to him. His brain waves increase when he hears voices. He is expected to be in the nicu until his original due date, August 30th. These next three months his health will continue to fluctuate. 

Ezekiel in hebrew means “God Strengthens” and we are believing that God will continue to strengthen Zeke. God is holding him and caring for him through every mili-second of the day. These next three months we are trusting that God will do a lot in and through baby Zeke. God is in this with us and we need a whole lot of His peace and comfort as we endure through this time. We believe God hears our prayers. Please continue to pray for baby Zeke as well as for Tawny and Brandon during this time. We appreciate your prayers and words of encouragement so far! Check back for updates on Zeke and how you can be praying. 

Baby Ezekiel’s Family