Evie Kruschke

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Around early July Evie started feeling like she had  heartburn or indigestion.  She wasn't eating a lot for fear it would  set it off.  She finally saw her doctor on July 19 and they thought it could maybe an ulcer.  She  tried getting in to her clinic again on July 22, but they were not able to get her in so she went to the Emergency Department.  They examined her and said it was not an ulcer and basically found nothing.  The gave her some kind of med to coat her stomach.  They said if that didn't work that she should follow up with a GI Specialist.  She did have an endoscopy scope on July 29th.  They said her stomach was a little red and took a biopsy of her stomach (this came back negative).  She also had an appointment already scheduled with her doctor at the end of the day on July 29  and they scheduled her for a CT  Scan  for July 31.  Her CT Scan did detect something.  According to Mom's text "my diagnosis is bio dialation swollen.  Irregular thickening of the common bio duct.  They put you out and fix it".    This was scheduled for August 7 at M Health (University Hospital).  

Her pain became worse and she went to the emergency department in Burnsville late Friday night/early Saturday morning on Aug 3.    They did an MRI and further confirmed they were seeing something by her liver and possible blockage of her bile ducts.  We finally got transferred up to the University early Sat evening.  She was scheduled to have another endoscopy scope and biopsy on Monday, Aug 5.   This procedure would go down past her stomach and to her liver area.  They would also take a biopsy of what appeared to be a mass by her liver and put two stints in the bile ducts.