Ethan Plemmons

First post: Jan 14, 2021 Latest post: Feb 14, 2021

Ethan Plemmons was diagnosed with a rare form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in November 2019. As a Junior at Ada-Borup (West) High School, he had just completed Cross Country and was getting ready for the Basketball season. In his words, “He was in the best shape of his life” when he received the life altering news. He was diagnosed with stage III mixed phenotype acute lymphoma with B-myeloid differentiation. This basically means he has two forms of blood cancer combined. It is an aggressive cancer that has occurred in less than 1% of all lymphoma/leukemia patients.

He had achieved remission status by January 2020 and was continuing a grueling schedule of treatments that are intended to root out every last little, hidden cancer cell. Unfortunately in June 2020 he found out that a portion of his cancer had returned. At this point the oncology team at the Roger Maris Cancer Center determined that Ethan’s best chance for a cancer free outcome is to have a bone marrow transplant. His sister, Emily, tested as a perfect match and is ready to donate her marrow. However Ethan will need to get back into remission before a transplant can take place. 

Unfortunately he did not have a positive response to the new treatment in June/July. We are hoping the next 30 days of hospital treatment will see the results we need to get his transplant scheduled. If this works, we will have two weeks of additional chemo treatment to eliminate his immune system and ready his body for the bone marrow transplant. If everything goes well, the family will need to remain in Minneapolis for 3 months while he continues to get the care he needs and until his new immune system will be established enough to come back to home to Perley.  

Please follow updates.  For letters and loving support you can reach the family at these addresses:  


PO Box 395
Perley MN 56574

For shipping via UPS or Fed Ex:

222 Cazinove Street
Perley MN 56574