Erin Livingston

First post: Sep 11, 2019 Latest post: Jun 23, 2020
Hi there :) I decided to create this for a few reasons...

1. To give the people I love a little insight into my journey with breast cancer.  
2. To potentially help support someone else who was diagnosed with breast cancer. 
3. To process my own thoughts and feelings during this time in my life. 

Please know this is my perspective on this journey. It does not reflect what Ben or anyone else thinks and it is probably radically different from anyone else experiencing breast cancer. 

Also, for a long time I hesitated about talking about other people on this site. SO many people have sent me such thoughtful, kind messages and gifts. So many people have visited and supported me. Leaving someone out left me wracked with guilt. But if I don't tell certain stories, I don't think that I would be really sharing my full experience. Please know, if I do not share a story about you it is not because it wasn't important to me. It was. I cried tears of thanks with each gift, card, visit. I have felt so supported by all of you and love you all dearly. If I wrote about each of those experiences though, I feel it would become more of a list rather than a journey through my experience. 

Finally, I am sorry about the pictures...if you know me, or read my post about Ben getting me an Apple Watch, I NEVER have my phone on me and almost NEVER take pictures when I am somewhere or with people. I love to have pictures but I simply never take pictures.  I do wish I was better at it though because going through this, I am realizing I don't even have pictures from some pretty meaningful parts. 

Also, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read any of this. Being this vulnerable and posting these intimate details can be very intimidating for me. Thank you for honoring my process and for being a supportive presence.