Erica Reardon

First post: Dec 9, 2017 Latest post: Dec 11, 2018

After experiencing pain for about three weeks with what Erica's doctor thought was pneumonia and pleurisy, she developed deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in her legs, which then lead to multiple pulmonary embolisms. On November 28, Erica was admitted to the hospital and the doctor began running tests to find the underlying cause of her clots. He wanted to look at her liver because the liver plays a role in blood clotting.

After running multiple tests, the doctors began to suspect cancer of the liver. A liver biopsy was performed on December 4, with preliminary results indicating malignancy in the liver.  As of December 6, we are waiting for the complete biopsy results. An additional biopsy result seems to indicate that the cancer began in the stomach and has metastasized to the liver. We hope to know exactly what we are dealing with in the next week or so.

Erica was able to go home from the hospital on December 5. She was so glad to be home! Next week, she will have a Pet scan, an MRI, and will meet again with the oncologist.

We are ready to press forward and begin fighting. The support and prayers of Erica's husband, children, extended family, and friends is such a source of strength for Erica!