Ellie Urmston Ellie's Road to Recovery

First post: May 18, 2020 Latest post: Nov 5, 2020
On Friday, May 15, 2020, Ellie dove headfirst into a swimming pool, fracturing her C6-C7 vertebrae. She could not feel anything from her navel down, and given the type of injury, she should have lost her life. By the miracle of God (and the skill of a surgeon), Ellie beat that statistic. But we're just at the beginning, and we're not going to stop asking for more miracles. 

Ellie is looking at a long road and a lot of uncertainty ahead. What comes next will require strength, support, and most importantly, hope.  This page is a place where friends, family, and those who love Ellie an awful lot,  can go for updates on each mile marker along her road ahead: Her road to recovery.  

"Keep going. That's all you have to do, ever. You really don't have to be amazing, or fierce or beautiful or good. Just keep going, please. Slowly is fine. Crawling is fine. No feeling is final. Except hope." --Glennon Doyle