Elisha Cook

First post: Aug 27, 2018
Hi. I thought this might be the easiest way to keep people up to date so they could check in and see how things are goin out where I'm at in my process.
As many of you are well aware, I tore 3 disks my back many years ago and they never properly healed. I have undergone a lot of different "non-invasive"  treatments (physical therapy, acupuncture, trigger point injections,steroid injections, facet joint injections, performis injections, RF ablation or cauterization of the facet joint nerves 2x), but ultimately they stopped working. I am now at point where the disks are gone, the bones are enimic, and the never is getting pinched and severed between this bones. They will be performing a to-level lumbar spinal fusion on my L4-L5 and L5-S1 disks.  The hope is that after this surgery the nerve can heal, the pain will be gone, and the numbness in my lower body will disappear.... And just maybe I'll be able to golf again. 😁
So there you have it, the Reader's Digest version my my story.