Easton Nave Easton's Miracle

First post: Feb 23, 2020 Latest post: Jul 30, 2020
A few months back I decided to schedule an eye appointment for Easton that was set for this past Thursday. We had noticed some pulling towards his nose and thought that he may need glasses or had a lazy eye that would possibly need surgery to correct. When we got back to the room they ran an eye exam and started talking to me about him borderline needing glasses but that we may be able to wait due to his age and sometimes time will fix the pulling that we were seeing. I could hear the nurse on the outside of the door speaking with the doctor as she discussed what she saw on the exam. The doctor came in and introduced herself and asked if I would be okay with her running one more test to "just in case rule out some other things that it could possibly be". She at that time, ran 2 additional tests. She began explaining to me that she saw numerous tumors in the back of both of Easton's eyes and told me what she thought it could be...Retinoblastoma. Retinoblastoma is a rare childhood cancer that statistically only 1 in 1 million children usually get. Depending on the severity it will cause blindness, possibly spread to the spine/brain, and can cause death if not treated. She asked if we would be able to travel to Chicago the next morning to visit with a cancer/retinal specialist to have them confirm what she thought she saw. We met with Dr. Shapiro yesterday and heard the words that no parents want to hear. He confirmed and diagnosed him with Retinoblastoma and explained to us that we will need to begin with chemotherapy radiation for a year at minimum. He told us that we would be in Chicago every week to 2 weeks in the beginning and then would be going every month depending on how his body would handle the treatment. If his body didn't react to the chemo, they would do eye injections and consider doing surgery which if it came to that, he would lose vision. He will be going in for testing on Tuesday at 5am to determine how far this has spread and how aggressive it is. He will be put under anesthesia and will be doing an MRI and some additional tests. We are meeting with an oncologist to discuss chemo on Tuesday and what the next steps will be however, I know a God that can heal this little boys body. When we dedicated Easton to the Lord we prayed for God to use his life for His glory. We know this is going to be an amazing testimony of God's faithfulness in the end. We ask that you keep our family and Easton in your prayers at this time. God has never failed us and we are believing for a miraculous outcome.