John and Courtney Dunwoody Dunwoody's adoption fund!

John and Courtney are adopting a baby!  WOOOOOHOOOOOO

I have know this amazing couple for over 10 years, and I have watched them become the amazing people they are today.  They have become my best friends, and my family, over the years.  Their love for one another is something that is rare and true. I cannot express enough how I believe they will make amazing parents. 

Early on in our friendship I learned that Courtney was unable to have her own children, and I knew how desperately she wanted that. I was happy for her when she married John and he had 3 boys of his own. She was an amazing stepmother to them, and stepped up to the plate without hesitation, but the boys were all older. I know how much she wanted a baby, and wanted to be a mother to experience it from the beginning. This is an experience I thought she would never be able to have. So when I found out I was pregnant, I couldn’t tell her fast enough. I wanted her to share in my journey with me from the very beginning, and she’s been there every step of the way. 

Courtney and John not only loved my children like their own, but they make them a priority. They have been at every birthday, all the major holidays, the important events, and everything in between. I have watched them console my children while wiping away their tears, put band aids on them when they were hurt, celebrate with them, love them, rock them to sleep, hold them when they just wanted to be held. I watch my kids jump for joy when I tell them we are going over to John and Courtney’s house. We have taken family vacations together. I have seen them sit in the surf and play in the sand with my two babies. The look in my kids eyes when they look at John and Courtney tells me everything I need to know. My kids love them, and I know they love my kids.

I cannot think of a more deserving couple to receive such a precious gift. I can say, without hesitation, that they will love this baby with all of their hearts. They will protect her, guide her, teach her, and support her. She will be loved by not only them, but by their amazing family and friends!

Let's help them complete their family and fill their hearts. It would literally mean the world to them! Any donations would be appreciated... 


Miranda Montiel