Nina/Duke Divinny Duke the Doxie

Duke suddenly became paralyzed June 13, 2019.  His only hope was emergency surgery at Veterinary Specialty Services in St Louis MO with a cost of $5,000. He deserves a life a kindness, love and  hope after having a rough start in life.  Nina has dedicated her life to caring for other's furbabies through dog walking and pet sitting.  Duke and Nina need your prayers, positive thoughts and if your heart speaks to you, financial help for vet bills.
Duke's Story-
Duke was found wandering St. Louis city streets. A kind woman found him and took him to Stray Paws Rescue.  Duke, a senior Dachshund, thought to be about 12 years old, was severely underweight, riddled with parasites, matted hair and rotting teeth.  Stray Paws cared for him and put him up for adoption. Nina saw Dukes picture shortly after the losing a beloved dog she rescued 17 years ago.   Nina's heart was broken and Duke came across her path for a reason.