Doyle Barnes

First post: Oct 22, 2021 Latest post: Oct 28, 2021
Hi! Thank you for coming to this page! It truly means a lot that you did. It's been a very long year for our family, and we're hoping this page will help us all feel more connected to our support system by keeping everyone up to speed on his cancer treatment, how he's doing, and ways that we could use support. 

In short summary, Doyle was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimers and advanced esophageal cancer in November of 2020, followed by chemotherapy, radiation, a long stint of only getting nutrition through a feeding tube and, finally, a surgery that left him with only a portion of his stomach and esophagus. He cleared his esophageal cancer only for it to later metastasize to his liver. He is currently undergoing aggressive chemotherapy again while still relying heavily on his feeding tube and routinely getting his throat stretched to help him swallow food.

As you can imagine, Doyle's Alzheimers and his heart disease have presented many challenges throughout his treatment. 

All of this to say: We need some love and support.