Doug Schonauer

First post: Aug 29, 2021 Latest post: Dec 16, 2021
In late July of 2021, Doug was diagnosed with stage four kidney cancer that has spread to his liver and possibly lungs (advanced renal cell carcinoma or RCC). He has two softball sized tumors that are of great concern along with other smaller metastatic tumors.  One of the large tumors in his kidney is encroaching on the renal vein and the other is in his liver. At this time, surgery is not an option and current treatment will be immunotherapy drugs to stop growth and hopefully shrink the tumors. He has been unable to keep anything down for a few months so his body is weak and there has been a fast state of decline. It took longer than expected for full diagnosis and treatment to begin but, finally, on August 26, 2021 he was able to get his first dose of meds. If his body responds well to treatment, especially in the first year, survival and life expectancy rates increase.  Receiving this diagnosis, is obviously life altering and weighs heavy on the minds and hearts of not only Doug but those that love him. Now, more than ever, he and his family, need your love, support and prayers! 

Doug and his wife Traci, have eleven children, four son-in-laws, and six grandkids with more on the way. He has worked extremely hard to care for his family his entire life. He is a determined fighter and will do everything he can to beat this cancer. If you are the praying type, please pray that our Lord gives Doug strength and an enduring drive to fight this battle. Pray that God guides his medical team and orchestrates every decision made to reduce his suffering and enhance his days, months, years. Pray for his wife as she navigates the onslaught of overwhelming information, appointments, and all the new yet necessary responsibilities to aid in Doug's care while maintaining a household. Pray for his children and his children's children. This is something hard. So very hard to understand and process when it's your father, your Papa. Pray that God's love will blanket this family. And that they will receive the support needed to lighten the load of the heavy burdens that happen when someone you love is fighting for their life. 

Note: This website has been created as a way to easily send health updates about Doug Schonauer to family and friends.  Your prayers and support are enough. If you wish to do more:
Cards or emails of caring support are always welcomed.
A GoFundMe site has been set-up to help alleviate some of the financial worries here:
Meals for the family (gift cards to grocery stores or restaurants too) would be a big help. Meijer is the local grocery store that they frequent the most.

Doug and Traci Schonauer
16610 Rolling Oaks Dr.
Holland, MI 49424

Aug.30th POSTPONED - Port Install (for infusions)
Sept. 1st- Doug’s birthday (he turned 55)
Sept. 9th - Day at U of M (for second opinion)
Sept. 16th- Infusion Day (every three weeks)
Oct. 7th - Infusion Day
Oct. 12th - Port Install
Oct. 21st - CT Scan
Oct. 28th - Infusion Day