Don Anderson

First post: Dec 27, 2019 Latest post: Feb 16, 2020
After 3 weeks in the hospital enduring countless procedures, medications, surgeries and more importantly a failing heart,  on Christmas Eve Dr’s notified Amy a donors heart became available. The Best Christmas Gift EVER!!
Very early(4am) Christmas morning Donny’s Dr’s began the miraculous, tedious surgery to give Don a new, strong, healthy heart.
Over the many hours of surgery nurses gave updates regarding the process and Don’s condition. This became a roller coaster ride of many highs and lows.
After 13 hours of surgery the good news was, the new heart was in and beating strong!!!
Unfortunately, after such a long surgery and various other reasons Don went into liver, kidney and lung failure. He was in very critical condition. The next 24 hours were crucial!!!  Thursday evening at 5:30pm was that 24 hour mark.  
Please continue to pray Don continues to show amazing baby step signs of improvement. Saturday evening will be 72 hours post surgery. At this time Dr’s will be able to tell his outcome.