Dolly Hall

First post: Aug 10, 2021 Latest post: Dec 3, 2021
Hello family, this is Wilson (Dolly's middle son) updating this site to give everyone updates on her medical state.  I know there's a lot of LOVE out there for my mom, so I'm going to update this blog DAILY with the update that I receive once a day from her nurses. You are welcome to post comments of love and support beneath the daily updates below. To catch anyone up to speed: My mom and Anthony  flew from Milwaukee to go to Las Vegas for a couple of weeks, starting on Tuesday, July 27th. She started showing some cold symptoms just before she left. Her symptoms worsened over the next few days and on Saturday, July 31st, her symptoms had gotten so bad that Anthony had to call an ambulance for her because she was having such trouble breathing.  My girlfriend and I immediately flew to Vegas to be there for her. Mom's oxygenation levels were low, so they had her on a CPAP bypass oxygen machine initially. However, in the middle of the night on August 1st, her oxygen dropped so low they told her they'd need to put her on a ventilator to prevent any organ failure and assist her breathing. She verbally consented and agreed to them having to do that. Within a few days, her Covid test results came back and it was confirmed that she was POSITIVE for COVID-19. She was not vaccinated. Since moving her to the ventilator and ICU, her oxygenation levels have been NORMAL, but only with the assistance of the ventilator. The nurses have informed me to be prepared for a long journey because Covid-19 patients that are on ventilators can be there for several weeks to a few months. This blog is the easiest way for me to update everyone on a daily basis. I know there is a lot of love and concern for my mom out there and I appreciate all the offers of support I have received so far. My biggest ask is that anyone reading this who has not gotten the vaccine, go and get it as soon as they can. If you have any questions or concerns about the vaccine, please reach out to me and I will send you information or help you coordinate getting the vaccine (It's free and really easy!!). We all need to stay healthy and take care of our bodies and be here for each other as long as we possibly can. Thank you everyone. LOVE you all.