Dixie Kachiros

First post: May 9, 2018 Latest post: May 10, 2018
Disclaimer: Nothing about this is PG.  This is an unfiltered chronicle of my upcoming journey to a better stronger me – a predominately-positive, but sometimes-inappropriate girl. Please stop here if that doesn’t feel right for you!

The Announcement: When he leaned in and erupted into his long, drawn-out, gloomy monologue to let me know I have advanced breast cancer, I guess he forgot with whom he was speaking… at least I assume, as the doc was beyond shocked when I replied “that all you got?” …Almost felt worse for him in that moment, than even myself.

I replied that way because that is my nature – welcome to Dixieland. It wasn’t that the news was good, it is just that I knew that it could be a lot worse…and that no matter what the news, I would unearth my inner lioness, beat it with graceful grit and walk away stronger and better than ever. 
It… in case I forgot to tell you, happens to be stage three breast cancer, with a side of cancerous lymph nodes. And the more I read and hear the more I learn…I am anything but uncommon. In fact, sometimes, I inappropriately laugh on the inside and hear #metoo [in my head] right before I am going to share the diagnosis, because I know that the person I am about to tell will have an aunt, mother or complete stranger they cared for who had it too, sometimes worse.  But honestly, the #metoo cancer stories are actually very helpful, as I imagine the REAL #metoo campaign is as well.

So now that is out of the way, the plan for this site [until I figure out if there is anything else of value] is to share my feelings, updates on my successes, occasional mad moments, you know, the stuff I would only share with you – the group with access to this site is quite intentional. I would love you to stop by on occasion and welcome any words of encouragement.