Gavin Ward DIPG Warrior Gavin Ward

Gavin is 15 years old and is diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor known as DIPG. He is a warrior, a fighter and an amazing young man. If you ever have the chance to listen to Gavin and hear his story, take it. He will inspire you to take this life you have today and make the best of it! Gavin has placed his life and trust in the hands of God. As his mother, Im will do everything in my power to support him in all of his decisions, wishes, wants and needs but the struggle is scary. The struggle of what's for dinner (what can be tolerated by Gavin's stomach?) What appointment is today? How far do we need to go? Is Gavin going to be able to walk and leave the house today? Gavin is the most caring young man in the world and he or any other child deserves this! He spreads so much love, joy and happiness everywhere he goes! Please pray strength and healing for Gavin. Thank you all for the support and/or prayers.