Denny Campbell

First post: Aug 5, 2018 Latest post: Sep 10, 2018
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In January 2018, Denny was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Tests showed the cancer to be in the interior of the bladder. In February, Denny began four cycles of chemotherapy, each cycle lasting three weeks.  As expected, chemo was physically taxing and we all learned the benefits of being well hydrated.  Chemo was successfully completed and surgery was performed in late May to remove Denny’s bladder and reroute the plumbing to an exterior bag.  With a little trial and error, Denny mastered the new process and timing required!

In June, Denny began to feel discomfort in his hip and leg which was assumed to be the result of his need for a hip replacement. After boughts of unbearable pain, Denny went back to the hospital to help with pain management. Test results speculated a small mass in the pelvic area applying pressure on his sciatic nerve. Biopsy revealed the cancer had returned.

On August 2, doctors told us the cancer is aggressive and inoperable. Denny will start radiation next week to help alleviate some of the pain and help with the pain management. Three weeks after radiation is complete immunotherapy will begin. The immunotherapy will work similar to chemotherapy and be administered once every three weeks for 3-4 months.

Please keep Denny in your thoughts and prayers as we continue on this journey.