Delsie McGaurn

Mommom (Delsie) had a pretty bad fall on Friday December 21, 2018, while visiting the Stechers for Christmas.  She was taken to UCSD trauma center (Hillcrest) in San Diego.  Tests confirmed that she suffered fractures in 2 of her cervical vertebrae (C4 & C5).   She is currently in the ICU immobilized with a hard neck brace and confined to bed.  Due to some vascular complications her surgery (which was originally scheduled for today, Sunday 12/23) has been pushed back, and is currently scheduled for Wednesday.  Following surgery her recovery is expected to take approximately 3 months, the first 6 weeks in the hard neck brace.   At this time we are unsure how much time she will spend in the hospital following surgery.  We anticipate she will need to be placed in a rehab facility following her discharge from the hospital.  Stay tuned for further updates.