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In January 2016 Deb had an xray done which showed she had a lung nodule. Over the next few months two biopsies were performed. The initial biopsy came back negative for cancer. She was instructed to come back in a month for another x-ray to see if the spot had grown. Next x-ray in May 2015 showed the spot had grown and spread. Doctors ordered another biopsy of the spot. This one had come back positive for lung cancer. Specifically Stage 3 adenocarcinoma. Doctors ordered a pet scan to see if the cancer had spread anywhere else in her body. Deb's pet scan was completed on May 27, 2016 and we met with Dr McCafferty that afternoon for the results. Luckily the pet scan had shown no spread of the disease. On June 1, 2016 Deb saw Dr Solomon her Oncologist. Dr Solomon ordered an Mri of her brain to determine if the cancer had spread to her brain. Fortunately this as well was negative so yea for no cancer in her brain! Dr Solomon also ordered for her to have a port a Cath placed in her chest. This is a device that helps with less needle sticks for mom!! She will be able to have her blood drawn and get her chemotherapy with only one poke. He also ordered for her to have a biopsy of the two additional spots the found on her lph nodes near the middle of her chest. The biopsy will be June 7, 2016 and her next Oncology appt will be June 14th and we will have the results of the mediastinal lymph node biopsy. Please say a prayer for mom and keep in touch with her. Please poast your wwlell wishes on here too as she will be able to read them I will upfate this page often so please chevk back! We need to keep her spirits up and a smile on her face through this long difficult journey. She is a fighter and she is gonna WIN this battle!