Deborah Case

On June 26th I went to see my doctor for a routine checkup. They called me a week later and told me my CBC was abnormal and that they thought I might be anemic. I returned on July 5th for another CBC and to have my Iron and B12 checked because they were sure that was the issue. Unfortunately my Iron and B12 were fine. 
They referred me to a Hematologist/ Oncologist which I seen on July 17th. He had examined me and talked about having an ultrasound done on my stomach and possibly in the future a bone marrow biopsy. He then had then draw lots of blood for numerous tests but wanted me to wait for the results of my CBC before I left. That test still showed the same results as my previous two. The doctor called me into the hallway and said if you were my sister I would recommend that you have a bone marrow biopsy now. That was the first indication that something might be seriously wrong. 
It took me a few weeks but I eventually was able to get the ultrasound and biopsy. After 6 long tourcherous days of waiting my fear had become my reality. I was told that I have AML Acute Myeloid Leukemia. My doctor told me that he was referring me to Moffitt because they specialize in this type of of Leukemia. 
On Aug. 21st I had my first appointment at Moffitt where they discussed the treatment I was to receive and the next day I had to come back for a Muga Scan of my heart and a second bone marrow biopsy. 
Today Aug. 23rd was my last day at work. I have the weekend to prepare myself for Monday's appointment which is to have an Access Port surgically implanted under my skin on the left side of my chest then Tuesday will be the day I am admitted to the hospital for and extended period of time to start treatment.
I have always been the person who does for everyone else and does not feel comfortable accepting help but that has all changed. I really would no ot have been able to do what I have so far without the help of my mother. I really do appreciate all she has done already and this journey is just starting.