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Mom agreed to let me post daddy’s progress in this way, as the task of keeping everyone informed is overwhelming- We used it before, with cameron, and I found it extremely helpful to us ...
The site takes a minute to figure out, but actually pretty user friendly. Mother disagrees..💕. Easiest route to me , is to go directly to the Journal tab and then you can see the posts- The most current post will be seen first and scroll down to see the previous posts.. Comments on this posts are in the fine print - just tap and they will come up...Just fine a teenager, and they’ll help you!! 😜 Please don’t feel obligated to post ( Of course we have loved reading them- but honestly your “visits” alone are precious to us - AND PLEASE ignore the requests for donations to the site - We can’t turn that off..
Hope this explains “the why” behind choosing to do it this way....
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