David Beach A Journey To Wellness

On April 15, David Beach was taking a bike ride on a route he had taken hundreds of times before. As he was nearing home he fell from his bike at a very high speed. He was rushed to Marin General and sustained major injuries including numerous broken ribs and clavicle, a skull fracture, and serious, persistent brain injury. He stayed In the ICU for several weeks, in a coma, then working to regain critical functions like breathing without a ventilator. On May 9, David was moved to St. Mary’s Acute Rehab facility, dependent on a feeding tube, unable to swallow, get in and out of bed, walk. On June 4th, David moved to the Jewish Home for more therapies. As of now, David has made incredible improvements, and yet he has a very long way to go.

It is clear now that he will need more intensive rehab and retraining in order to safely come home. David has not yet recovered essential functions like eating safely, though he can swallow with cueing, and as is common with severe traumatic brain injury, he struggles with short term memory, recognition of his situation, and fits of anger.

After extensive research, Carolyn identified a facility that is solely focused on the type of intensive rehabilitation that David needs, called Centre for Neuro Skills. She has committed to sending him there, and has agreement from doctors, social workers, and speech therapists that this is his best shot for best possible recovery. The good news is that they have evaluated him and believe that he is a good candidate for their program and therapies. We are all very hopeful that they will be able to help David get better so that he can make sound decisions and gain the autonomy to come safely home soon. Unfortunately, the cost for this facility is $60k a month and it is not covered by insurance. Carolyn has been coached by her medical team that the minimum amount of time David will need at this facility is 3 months, and possibly even more. As you might imagine, the ordeal of the last four months has been extremely taxing (mentally, physically and financially) on Carolyn and Leslie and at this point they are in need of our help to support David with the care he needs.

Put simply, this is hard and humbling. Carolyn is making this request with a big "gulp." Please give what you can with no obligation whatsoever, and know that each donation in whatever amount is deeply appreciated. Please also feel free to share with others.

Carolyn and Leslie are so grateful for this community and all the love you have shown. Thank you so much!