David Beach A Journey To Wellness

Greetings friends of David and Carolyn!

Yay! After months of being in hospitals and brain rehabilitation facilities, David is home.  The transition is going well and he and Carolyn are settling into this chapter of their lives. 


It's amazing how challenging everything becomes when there's a brain injury in the equation.  They need some extra hands for a bit.

Carolyn still needs to be able to schedule clients (and take a shower every now and then), but David needs someone to be in the same room at all times.  Can you come visit for an hour or two?  Carolyn's power tool game is weak.  Do you have the handyman skills to check a couple items off the "honey-do" list?  Even popping out to the pharmacy is a major endeavor.  Would you be willing to run a couple of errands?

These things sound little but will make a huge difference to Carolyn and David.  Thanks for any support you can provide.