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Thank you for visiting our sight. Our story is a long one so we are going to try and shorten it up a bit by just giving you the particulars and sparing you the details. On January 27th, Mom was having chest pains.  Brent brought her to the ER in Hibbing. They did a bunch of tests, called St. Mary's and they wanted her down there right away. The helicopter was 50 minutes out so they took her by ambulance. Tammy and I left for Duluth soon after that. By the time we got there, Mom had already had her angiogram. She didn't actually have a heart attack but they were afraid that she was going to stroke out due to her blood pressure being so high. Mom was admitted into the cardiac ICU. Tammy and I stayed in the family waiting where they had a couple of couches for us to "sleep" on, The next day Brent brought dad into the HIbbing hospital with chest pains. He wasn't having a heart attack but had severe edema. He was admitted and was released into Guardian Angels Nursing Home for rehab on the 31st. Mom was released from St. Mary's on February 1st. Tammy and I brought her back and placed into Grand Village for rehab. The next day dad was found laying on the floor and he was taken to the Hibbing hospital by ambulance. He was admitted and eventually tested positive for influenza A. He was released to Grand Village on the the 6th with the stipulation that someone stay with him 24/7. So, we have been taking turns staying. Two days later, Tammy and Brent took Dad into the ER in Grand Rapids. He was put on 4 new meds and sent back to Grand Village. On the 12th, Mom was brought by ambulance to the Grand Rapids ER with pneumonia. She was released this past Saturday back to Grand Village. Yesterday morning, the 19th, I went out to visit with mom and dad but dad didn't look very well. His blood pressure was 74/42 and the bottom number had been as low as 30. He was brought into the ER and I was there with him all afternoon until Tammy got there at around 4:30. We stayed until around 11:00 when he was admitted. We decided to let everyone else get a good nights sleep and wait until this morning to tell them what was going on. Tammy and I met with mom at 9:00 this morning and then told Brent and Gina when they got there at 10:00.
Now comes the difficult part.....
Dad's kidneys are failing, prostate is enlarged, has an aneurysm, and congestive heart failure to name a few. All of this along with the recent rapid progression of his Alzheimer's is leaving him with severe pain and confusion. He has good moments, but most often he is disoriented, moaning and crying out in pain, aggressive and mean spirited. Often times, he does not know who we are, We have decided to not prolong his pain and suffering and are bringing in hospice care. At the moment he is up eating lunch, but is very confused and also on morphine. We don't have a time frame but he has definitely deteriorated in the past 2 weeks.
Thank you all for your continuing prayers etc. It means more to us than you could know.

Leaving it all in God's hands.....