Darrell Whited

First post: May 23, 2020 Latest post: Jun 7, 2020
***note: Tributes go to Caring Bridge—not to help Darrell. Do not donate on this site if you want to help.*** See info below if you'd like to help in that way. 

On May 22nd, Darrell was in a car accident. He is now in Trauma ICU fighting for his life. Please keep praying for him; we will post updates as much as possible. We ask that you refer to this site or the Facebook group for all medical updates so the family can reserve energy for the long road ahead. During the course of the accident, Darrell sustained injuries to his brain and multiple organ systems. We are hoping and praying for a full recovery, but in the best case scenario, the process will be a marathon with lots of waiting, small wins, and setbacks. 

During this COVID crisis, the hospital is restricting all visitation as well as calls for information. As you can imagine, this add additional layers of concern. During this difficult time, your words of encouragement, cards, prayers are helpful. At the same time, Jax and Connie have been answering a lot of the same questions and retelling the same stories over and over, so we're trying to help their peace. We'll update appropriate information here so that everyone who cares can know. Direct questions to darrellrecovery@gmail.com and we'll do an update on the public sites (here) and (FaceBook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/prayingfordarrell)) with relevant info. DO feel free to reach to Jax and Connie and the rest of the family to let them know you are praying or share fun memories (just have grace with responses as they may not be able to respond AND please don’t message Jax questions and scary pictures—he does want to see those, but I’m trying to be here to help him process it all and not let it consume him with worry). You can also share positive memories on here or the Facebook group at Facebook.com/groups/prayingfordarrell (https://www.facebook.com/groups/prayingfordarrell).

Important: Your cares and offers to help are most encouraging, but please do not contact the hospital on our behalf, the staff has limited capacity and has ordered only one person permission to communicate with them, so Connie will be in communication with them a couple of times a day and will pass the information on to us and I will update here (when appropriate). 

Donations: While we haven't asked for donations, some of you have generously given donations on here. We wanted to make sure you know that the donations/tributes on CaringBridge DO NOT go to help Darrell. They help CaringBridge run their program. If you would like to help in that way, you can do one of the options below. If you have made a Tribute donation on here & would like a refund, contact CaringBridge at customercare@caringbridge.org (mailto:customercare@caringbridge.org) or via phone.  

Mail to: 
Darrell Whited c/o Connie Whited
167 County Rd 257, 
Bryant AL, 35958

Or Donate Online at the GoFundMe managed by Connie Whited (http://gofundme.com/f/darrell-whited-recovery-fund) for Darrell's recovery expenses.