Daniel Butler

First post: Aug 17, 2021 Latest post: Nov 15, 2021
Hi,  Daniel was injured in a motorcycle accident in August of 2021.  He received multiple injuries, luckily his friends were on the scene and quickly called an ambulance which saved his life. He was taken to Harborview medical center. The list of his injuries are 
Fractured C1 vertebrae
Fractured C6 Vertebrae
Fractured C7 Vertebrae
Broken Radius 
Broken Ulna 
Broken Femur 
broken 'pinky' finger 
Broken Wrist bone 
Fractured knee cap
Various knee issues
Torn PCL 
Bleeding on his brain 
Loss of movement in his legs 

He has undergone multiple surgeries to repair his injuries and  1 week later remains at Harborview.  Daniels' recovery journey is unclear at the moment, the biggest issue is the lack of movement in his legs, he can feel the nurses and doctors touching his feet bit can't move hem just yet.