Dan Erikson

Recently Dan was diagnosed with an aggressive form of throat cancer, resulting in an inoperable tumor that has affected his ability to speak and swallow. As of September 2018, he's undergoing radiation and chemotherapy in an effort to eliminate the cancerous cells. But he has been warned that the side effects from the treatment will be significant and require substantial rehabilitation and possible follow-up surgeries before he can return to anything like normal life.  

The good news is that the odds of recovery in his case are very high, and insurance will be able to cover a sizable portion of the costs. However, there's still a wide gap between the projected expenses and what he can meet--not the least of which being the lost wages for the time he'll need to take off of work toward the end of his treatment. Dan has always been proud of his work ethic and insists he'll be able to  go on with business as usual through this process. But we've been assured that will not be the case. 

So in an effort to help lighten this financial blow for them, we've started a Gofundme fundraiser. The goal is set at $2,000, which is far less than what they'll likely need. But every little bit will definitely help. If you're able to contribute in any way, know that it is greatly appreciated. You can do so publicly or anonymously, but please don't feel obligated either way. Many people have offered to help since hearing the news, so this is simply an easy way if you're so inclined. 

Thank you for reading this and for your support.  we'll do our best to provide updates as things progress.