Cyndi Caughron

First post: May 13, 2019 Latest post: Jun 8, 2019
Cyndi sends her love to everyone who is reading this: )

She adores her friends and wants you to know that she is SO GRATEFUL for your care, love and support at this difficult time in her life.

Here is her story….

Cyndi has been living with Stage 4 breast cancer for several years. The cancer metastasized to her bones and then her liver. In March she underwent surgery to remove a tumor in her spine. The surgery left her paralyzed from the waist down. It was a difficult outcome. We have been working with rehab at Sr Kinney for the past month to see If Cyndi could get strong enough to walk again. She has worked very hard! She has been a fighter!

This past week it became clear that the cancer was taking its toll and Cyndi was ready to let go of fighting. She is tired and ready to go “home”  We moved her home with hospice. The caring hospice team is getting to know Cyndi and Rob as managing her pain well. They are establishing a routine to try and keep her comfortable in such an uncomfortable situation.

She went to the hospital yesterday as her liver was bloated and they thought they could ease some discomfort by draining the fluid. They found no fluid and found the liver is extremely enlarged. The cancer is growing.

We don’t know what this means for length of life left for Cyndi. It’s different for everyone at this stage. It could be a few months or shorter.  Cyndi is ready to go home and believes in a God who will receive her with love.

For all of us who love and adore Cyndi it is hard to hear and imagine. Rob is holding her hand and needing our strength and love to journey these last days with her.

Cyndi knows that her friends are holding her in love and prayer and she is so grateful! It causes her anxiety and pain to turn away so many loving requests for visits and connection. Please understand that your love even at a distance is what carries her now! It’s hard when we want to help and it seems there is nothing we can do –

Here is how you can do –

- Please keep Cyndi and Rob in your prayers daily for comfort and peace. It would be a great grace if Cyndi’s anxiety would loosen.
- Sign up for caring bridge and leave your messages here. We will read every one of them to her. The anxiety she feels about answering the many phone calls       and text messages is making it hard for her to rest. We can help her by having one source for her to check and see all the love coming her way.
- Share this link with others so we can pray Cyndi home and surround her with our love.

Know that we will update this site daily even with small messages and we know how hard It is to be away from her bedside. Your prayers and love are so needed.

In love and appreciation,
Team Cyndi