Courtney Grotto

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41 year old Courtney Grotto my beloved friend needs OUR help ..

On Aug 15th 2019 Courtney had a Heart attack (with no warning, she has never been Diagnosed with cardiac issues )the ambulance was called to her home, after arriving to the hospital, they found 2 blockages and they immediately did a angioplasty. During the angioplasty surgery, 1 of the arteries ( arteries are major blood vessels connected to your heart.) was damaged and Ruptured- Courtney  bled out in surgery ,she then coded ( flat lined ) in surgery. The  medical team resuscitated her . After the Artery was damaged a  procedure  called coiling was done to repair the damage that was done to her artery. Courtney made it through the surgery. Thank GOD! Sadly to say she then coded again shortly after the Angioplasty was done. While recovering in her hospital room ,the medical  team resuscitated her again in the presence of her mom (kathy) Courtneys hospital stay lasted  5 Days the 1st time . Courtney went home with numerous Cardiac medications and a device called a life vest (A lifesaving medical device for patients at risk of sudden cardiac death (SCD) 24/7 Patient Support. Proven Protection it is a wearable Defibrillator). She was home with her family for not even a week. The life vest stoped working, it started oozing the gel it was filled with out the back of the vest. It was defective. The medical tech came to replace the vest on August 27th which at the same time Courtney went into v tach, when the tech was trying to put on the new vest on her. The vest went crazy  beeping etc..The new vest did its job, informing her of the dangerous issue that was arising with her heart. 911 was called again and the ambulance came and rushed her back to United hospital. Courtney has now been in the hospital since 8/27/19. They transferred her from United to Abbott due to the fact that Abbott specializes in cardiac Diagnosis. She has been Diagnosed with cardiac disease  ,Courtney has been intubated, on a ventilator, and on a feeding tube. A swan device was placed (a device implanted to monitor her Cardiac function. In more detail(It is a Catheter thats placed in the right side of the heart to monitor her 
heart's function and blood flow and pressures in and around her heart). She also had a ballon pump inserted through her groin-to help her heart pump. The providers did every thing they could to keep her sedated enough so she could become strong enough to withstand another surgery. Courtney rested more-less in a medical induced coma in the hospital  for many days from the 27th-August to September 7th. Per the cardiologist. In hopes of her becoming strong enough to do another surgery.

Not only did she become strong enough, she fought off being septic and having a kidney infection.She is a fighter. Determination to  live 

Courtney is now awake, breathing and eating and her heart is now pumping on it own .14 days after being transported to the hospital. She is currently waiting to have a defibrillator and pacemaker surgically placed on Monday the 9th .

Courtney is a daughter ,sister ,aunt ,cousin and a beloved friend to many. If we  
all could pull help her, that would truly be a blessing. She would do anything possible to help a friend or any one in need. She has been involved in numerous fund raiser for her loved ones , along with people she didn't even know.

Now can we pull together and help

I am hoping that with this GO- FUND me page and with face book etc We can raise enough money her not to be worried about her finances .It’s obvious Courtney will not be able to work or drive for quite sometime My goal is to try and help take the Financial burden off of her, so she can focus fully on her recovery and healing.

The money will be used to pay for Courtney’s existing personal bills that are already accruing and to help with cost of any medical expenses not covered by insurance for her cardiovascular needs. Please find it in your heart to help Courtney and the Grotto family care for Courtney  I thank you for taking the time to read this.
Please pray for Courtney and feel free to share this ..

If any questions please contact Jenny @763-898-0130