Connie Heisenfelt Lungs 4 Life

First post: Aug 1, 2017 Latest post: Aug 7, 2022

Hello everyone thank you for coming to my mom's CaringBridge page.

For those who don't know my mom, she has been going through an intence struggle for her life.  About 5 years ago my mom came home from Florida struggling to breath. This wasn't the first time she incountered this, but this time it was worse than any of the previous encounters .  Unfortunately in the past, doctors passed it off as asthma.  Since this was different, she new she needed to be seen ASAP and it's a good thing she did, because her GP doctor was so thorough, he did a chest X-ray to find out there was scar tissue that had been forming in her lungs (pulmonary fibrosis). Since then there have been some ups and downs, but she's never stopped fighting to live her life the best way she can. Through much prayer and positive thoughts she has battled her way to where we are today.  On 8/1/2017 at 9:00 am she got a call - after only being on the transplant list for 2-3 weeks -that she is getting a new set of lungs at 11:00 pm tonight.  The surgery will take 6-8 hours and then she will be moved to the ICU for at least 2 days, where she will be intubated.  After she comes off the breathing tube they will move her to a surgical floor where she will stay for up to 2 weeks, and then she will be allowed to come home.  While at home she will need 24/7 care for 3+ months.  But the full recovery time is 1 year.  We want to thank all of you for checking in and sending all your prayers her way.  I will try to keep this up to date. 

Love the Heisenfelt/ Beintema family