Cody Blunier

First post: Feb 2, 2019 Latest post: Feb 1, 2020
On Friday, February 1st, Cody was headed home from work when he was struck by an oncoming pick-up truck had some mechanical failure and ended up crossing the line while he was losing control. I was in Fairbury visiting my parents when the accident happened just north of Darin and Keri's house. They actually watched the life-flight helicopter land all the while having no idea their son was involved. After we discovered that Cody was involved in the accident, we all met at the hospital to try to understand what happened and gather as much information as possible.

We soon found out that much of the damage was focused on his brain. There were a couple bleeds noticed on the right side of his head and they decided that that was going to be the majority of our focus. While we were first met with the trauma surgeon, he mentioned that there was a little fluid/bleeding around his lung, but that has not been mentioned or talked about. In addition, there was a little bruising on his spleen but they are not worried about it and are calling it more of a baby scratch because we do want the focus to be on his brain. This includes a lot of resting and little stimuli.

We want to thank you for all of your prayers and continued support as we begin this journey of recovery! We truly feel held up on the wings of prayer!