Claire Cantrell-Paulson

First post: May 30, 2020 Latest post: Jul 13, 2020
Some back story for those that have not kept up with my facebook posts.

Last year we suffered the great loss of having William way too early (21 weeks 4 days) due to an incompetent cervix. After taking time to heal both physically and mentally we were happy to announce at Christmas that we were expecting again (Jack Thomas). Many plans were put into place because of our history and I got a cerclage (a stitch to hold my cervix closed) at 12 weeks and have been closely watched to make sure it is holding. Everything was going well with my checks (even with a pandemic). At my 25/26 scan I was told that I had something called Vasa Preavia. And that there was a small chance it could move so I needed to come back every week for the nest 2 weeks to see if it moved and if not I would need to be put in the hospital till I had a c section at 34 weeks. After 2 weeks of checks and no change it was decided that I needed to stay in Antepartum for the remainder of my pregnancy (6 weeks). Vasa Preavia is when the placenta attaches low and the umbilical cord is across the cervix. This is very dangerous to the baby and possibly the mom if a natural birth were to happen cause the cord would tear and the baby could bleed out before birth. Because of this Jack will need to be born by c section before early to reduce the risk of any labor starting. The plan is for him to be born at 34 weeks (6 week early) but sometimes things do go as planned so they are keeping a very close eye on us to check for any sign of contractions or labor. I was given steroids to help his lungs develop faster and now we wait. Twice a day I am put on a monitor to check his heart and make sure there are no contractions. Each day another people comes in to talk to me about having a child in the NICU cause Jack will spend some time in there but it is unknown how long at this point. Because of the Pandemic only Wesley is able to come visit me and because of his job, Alex and our animals it is not everyday. I am trying my best to stay busy but it is pretty hard. I am going to try to update here as much as possible. I love video chatting so please let me know if you would like to talk.