Christine Van Norman 2015 Journey continues.

 My story began in 2015. I had a seizure in Nov. Never ever had one. Then in Dec. I had pain in my right arm pit. I went into doctors on the 21st was put on an antibiotic. With in not even 24 hours the redness from my arm pit was spreading down my side and across my breast. Rick came home said we'regoing in to hospital. Within less then half hour I was in having emergency surgery I had MRSA. After days in hospital I was discharged but on 1500 mg of Antibiotics. Which is a very high dose for 14 days. On Jan.8th,2016 I had another seizure these seizures were considered Grand mal which are the worst of the three seizure types. My husband was right there when it happened. Which what he saw devastated him that it took him 2 yrs to tell me. I remember nothing.. On  Jan.11th ,2016 I was admitted the hospital with C-diff. Which is bacteria that lives in the intestines. If you have to much it you get sick real sick.  It can damage your colon and serious,even life threatening, infection.  I got it from the Antibiotic. In 2016 I spent a lot of time sick. I continued to have seizures. I was treated for C-diff constantly or was in hospital. I got a job in April and enjoyed working again. The year went on I was going to St.Cloud trying to figure out what was causing my seizures. Slot of testing. I was having seizures monthly plus fighting C-diff couldn't get either under control. Finally in October I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and put on meds. Which was told no more driving.I began missing work here and there because seizures knocked my body for a loop Everytime. Plus still having bout's of C-diff. My seizure meds had gone from 50mg in October up to 1500mg in December. I had a seizure at work. On December 8th 2016 my employer asked me to take LOA because I was a liability. Understandable. Was told once got seizures under control I could come back and apply for Unemployment. Called Disability Specialist. In January 2017 I applied for Unemployment, meds for seizures went up to 3000 mg daily. I could go on and on but nothing Iin 2017 changed. Still having seizures, fighting C-diff, more time in and out hospital, being doctored, missing out on a lot of denied Unemployment and SSI. Nothing seemed to break. I became more depressed, Rick used up all his PTO, Bills piling up, having to reach out to in-law Bruce for rides to St.Cloud. Hard to or maybe frustrating that I am sick and no resolution. Here comes 2018...A New Year fingers crossed thing gonna be get better. Huh where to start ? My husband is AMAZING. I'll try to speed up to date. Still having seizures and C-diff. My sister Mara stepped in even though she's down in cities she researched. They can give u a transplant which is supposed to be 90 percent effective. Jan 31, 2018 had one.  Two weeks later sick and tested positive for C-diff. Back on meds. Plus began having other medical issues and seizures. Positive note ty to my brother in law Scotty go new Lawyer. On March,5 had another transplant. March,20 positive for C-diff. My inner body starts acting up blood test showing deficiency s numbing feet, left arm , seizures still added meds way frustrated. Again my sister jumps in does research. I have decided to boycott clinic. Except for my new injection weekly. My sister sends me information for the Mayo in Rochester. I go on-line and submitted a appointment request. After a lengthy process on phone I got approved . Then had a 2 hour consultation on phone. Got a appointment on June. 11th. My sister will be taking me down because we can't afford Rick to miss work because be in Rochester minimum 3 days and could be up to 10. On March.9th received a letter from SSI Lawyer stating it was going to be another 18-24months before getting hearing date Hell it's been over 2 years fighting for it what's 2 more. On March 29th received letter from my Lawyer hearing set for June.22. Bills are piling, feel like prisoner in my own home and gotta figure out expenses for Rochester. The Journey goes on.