Chris Dillman

First post: Jan 14, 2023 Latest post: Sep 18, 2023
Born on a Wednesday, July 3rd, 1985, The Twins were born, Alex and Chris. It was very soon recognized, one of the twins was a bit different. Too young to form personalities or jokes, this twin wasn't just 'messing around'...both were born early but Chris was put in an incubator; this bun wasn't done yet and had to be baked a bit more. That went fine. Skip ahead 18 months, there is an E. coli outbreak. Both Chris and her eldest brother, Joseph, were affected. Chris needed a blood transfusion. At age 7, Chris developed Type 1 Diabetes. This trend of illness continued her entire life. Right now, Chris is fighting kidney failure and the effects of the disease and the treatment of dialysis is shutting down her body. She is desperately fighting to live and trying to find reasons to smile and be thankful and grateful, everyday.

Real Talk: Please excuse my lack of communication. I used to be sharp as a tac but after all the treatments, it gets harder and harder to reply. I have a lot going on medically and I've learned over the years, I need to focus on my health. I used to be super social but being social scares me to death now, mostly because I hate the thought of people seeing exactly how much I have changed, physically and mentally.  I do worry about getting sicker - It's not just covid- I am able to catch anything and RSV was bad. Even if there was no Covid, I would have to wear a mask. I do not require others to wear masks around me-that is your choice, unless in the dialysis center or hospital-then ya, it's the policy in those places.

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