Cheryl Peretz

First post: Sep 12, 2021 Latest post: Jan 11, 2022
In the past several weeks, Cheryl has  learned that what doctors originally thought was fluid in her ear is actually what the neurosurgeon is now calling an embarrassment of spontaneous abnormalities of the bones in her skull which includes brain tissue migrating into the wallpaper that separates the brain and the ear (something that one in 12 people actually have even if they never know it), bone erosion in the ear canal that leads to the brain, and fluid leaks from the area of protection around the brain (something only 5 in every 100,000 people have and even fewer who get it spontaneously making me special amongst the special).  To prevent future seizures and/or brain infection (especially meningitis), they will be doing a surgery (which  we are told will take 4-5 hours) to fix these issues. And, while assured by multiple doctors that the surgery risks are low, it is still brain surgery and is considered serious and there are risks.. 

Surgery is scheduled for September 21.  It is not clear how long the home recovery will last following the 4-5 day hospital stay, but doctors expect slow ability to do some things and could be up to 2 months before reaching  full capacity. 

In Cheryl's own words: "I believe in the healing power of prayer to accompany me and the doctors who are helping me.  And, I believe in the impact of prayer in feeling the presence of the Holy Blessing One in such moments.  So, I ask that you please add me to your list for healing – Harav Zivia Hannah bat Sara u’Yerachmiel Yosef.  I am grateful for life and determined to make sure the coming year will be a one full of living, love and healing."