Chass Grissom

In June 2018, Chass was diagnosed with late stage cervical cancer. It was recommended she begin rigorous radiation and chemotherapy once per week for several weeks. While undergoing treatment in August 2018, the cancer had spread to Chass' lymph nodes forcing her to take a short leave as she was unable to perform her duties at Cocoa Cinnamon. 

Due to severe pain, swelling, and muscle weakness in her legs and hips, it is difficult for Chass to walk, to stand for short periods of time, and to take care of her domestic needs without assistance.  As a result, she is unable to return to work and has used all her savings to pay household/medical bills.

She is in need of support immediately.  If you're able to donate money please do so on her GoFundMe page.

In addition to money, there are also other ways that she can use our help including housekeeping, meditation sessions, massages, making meals and healing juices, going on short walks around the house and going on car rides to run errands and just get some fresh air.  Any support is appreciated.