Charlotte Cavezza

First post: Sep 26, 2020 Latest post: Oct 4, 2020
First and foremost, we want to thank everybody for the thoughts, prayers and kind words over the past 24 hours.  The support from friends and family during this time has been greatly appreciated. 

As many of you reading this may already know, Charlotte Cavezza was born on the afternoon of Friday, September 25th. This is a very important date in this family as she now shares the same birthday as Lauren (Jennifer's sister) and Paul (Trey's brother). What this truly means is Charlotte now owns September 25th in this family. The arrival of Charlotte quickly put Trey and Jennifer in the fast lane of parenting.  Within two hours of being born, Charlotte was being transported to the NICU at Baylor Scott & White in Temple. Trey is already a front-runner for Father of the Year as he followed the ambulance down to Temple to hold Charlotte's hand all night in the NICU. Jennifer was negotiating (she basically told the doctors she wasn't staying there any longer) her way to an early release from Waco and was on her way to Temple by 8:30am the next morning.  Trey and Jennifer spent all day Saturday together in the NICU with Charlotte gathering information and understanding what the path forward will look like. Charlotte has a big day tomorrow and a busy month ahead. 

Charlotte was diagnosed with Esophageal Atresia and will require a  surgery on Sunday, September 27th.  We will do our best to provide updates on this site but kindly ask that you consider checking here for updates rather than texts and/or calls to Trey and Jennifer. We would like to allow them to keep their focus on the conversations with doctors and nurses as the surgery is taking  place tomorrow. All updates will be provided in the Journal Tab. We have also provided a link for an overview and video explanation of esophageal atresia. 

Thanks again to everybody for the thoughts and prayers!