Elle Hyndes Chance At Life

This is a call to action!

I am reaching out to you all today on behalf of my dear friend, Elle Hyndes.

Who is Elle Hyndes?

If you ask those of us who know Elle to describe her, you will invariably hear words like brilliant, beautiful, loyal, and caring. You will hear us gladly gush to you about how she makes everyone feel special and important with her effervescent spirit, witty sense of humor, and positive mindset. You will hear us explain matter of factly, that she was a savvy, self made businesswoman. An avid outdoors and sports woman. A dedicated volunteer...

Unfortunately, if you ask us about Elle now, we will tell you that slowly for many years, she has been battling the debilitating and endless fight with Neurological Lyme, a terrifying illness that has utterly robbed her of the life that she once knew. 

While some of you may be familar with Lyme Disease, a condition which has symptoms that include extreme fatigue, fever, disorientation, sensitivity to light, cognitive decline, and a host of other neurological issues, what you may not know, is that while most victims generally make a full recovery, there is a small percentage who continue to experience symptoms sometimes for years beyond initial treatment, robbing them of their health, their profession, their resources and really their life in general. 

There is hope.

With the proper treatment, patients may achieve temporary, or perhaps full remission. A few years back, Elle experienced a remission lasting 9 months, a time she describes as "pure heaven".

Tragically, however, Elle's condition went misdiagnosed for years, and in the process of trying to pinpoint just what was wrong, much of her financial resources were drained. And, when the issue finally was identified, Elle learned that her much needed treatments are not covered by insurance. Being forced to pay out of pocket, she now finds her financial resources exhausted. She has long since burned through her savings, including being forced to sell her home. All in her quest just to be able to feel normal. Just to be able to accomplish the simple every day tasks you and I take for granted.

We need your help.

Please consider being a part of this important cause by donating anything that you can. Any and all contributions will go directly toward medications, food, medical bills, urgent care and a safe environment for our friend. 

Please help us to give Elle a chance at LIFE.

From the bottom of my heart…thank you so much.