Chadwick Tyler Gift of Life!

First post: Jun 19, 2018 Latest post: Apr 16, 2019
Chad is not a man to ask for help and has never let his history of health issues define him.  Today we are staring a new journey that will help ensure a positive future for himself, our children, and our family.  Recently,  we have found that we are in need of courageous people that are willing to become a living donor for a new kidney.  This is not a easy question to ask, but it is the best way to get help for our family and other families that may be in need of a living donor today, tomorrow, or in the future.  Donors and their families are the true heroes for their selfless act and greatest gift, which is the "Gift of Life".

Many may have heard or know the history of Chad, but we would like to share some details of the past 40 some years.  Chad was born with a congenital heart defect that required open heart surgery at 3 years of age.  The surgical intervention was successful, yet it was not a cure and he needed a heart transplant at the age of 17.  Chad was fortunate enough to get a heart transplant which granted him another 9 years.  Chad thrived at the time, however the medications he was on for antirejection caused kidney failure and he was in need of a kidney and heart at the age of 26. 

Chad was given another chance at life from a generous and heroic patient and family and received a combined heart and kidney transplant.  This transplant has given Chad the opportunity to live a blessed life for the last 16 years through working, marriage and having children. 

Although his heart is still doing well,  unfortunately we have come to find that his kidney has once again been negatively affected by medications that he requires for the best outcomes.  With this being said, we are creating this caring bridge site in hopes of finding a living donor.

This is not an easy request to make, and we understand that this may not be something many have ever thought about and is a big decision to even consider.  Our hope is that even if those who are reading this may not be open to the idea, you will pass this information along and share for others in hopes of increasing awareness for living donation, and ultimately finding a donor. 

There are many different ways to be a donor, even if not directly to Chad with something called paired/chained donation so anyone can be a HERO!!!

You do not need to reach out to Chad and I, though we are open to questions at anytime:)

If you are interested and/or willing to look into the idea, and would like more information regarding living donors , please visit:


or call


Much love, 

Chad, Natalie, Preston, and Addie