Chadwick Waldrop Chad Waldrop

First post: Sep 25, 2021 Latest post: Oct 2, 2021
From Annette:
My son Chadwick Waldrop, a 20 year old swimmer for St. Cloud University in Minnesota was responding to screams of help from a female outside his home on Saturday 9/18/21 at 1:30 am. He asked if everything was ok and then the male told him to mind his F@#%! business and as my son turned his back to him he attacked him from behind forcing Chad's head to hit the concrete knocking him unconscious then continued to repeatedly punching him in the face causing many broken bones in his face. ER Dr said "his face looks like a jigsaw puzzle." He was saved by 3 eyewitnesses calling the police after watching the male beat Chad unconscious and then the female saying that they "couldn't leave him to drown in his own blood", so they decided to drag his unconscious body on the concrete to the front door that was locked so they proceeded to continue to drag him up the stairs to the backdoor where they left him to die. Chad is being brought home for emergency facial surgery having to add 5 metal plates to his face and wiring his jaw shut just for his face to heal correctly. This has ended Chad's competitive swimming career. He will also lose his junior year of college for healing. Please help us bring Justice to Chad.