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First post: Jun 14, 2021 Latest post: Jul 27, 2022
My strong, selfless, hardworking, hilarious, jack of all trades, one of a kind daddy, darling husband was diagnosed with cancer June 10, 2021.

Roughly a month and a half ago he found a growth on his right tonsil. His primary doc referred him to ENT once seeing the growth. The ENT sent him for a CT scan which then prompted a biopsy. On Wednesday he had his biopsy (surgery) at Methodist. Insert picture: He was more worried about me, then he was about himself. That is him comforting me as I was starting to get nervous for his surgery. Once the biopsy was taken His doc felt good about it and didn’t believe it was cancer. Chad’s pain at times has been 10 out of 10, making us very thankful for liquid Oxy. I don’t think I have seen anybody eat as many popsicles as he has.

Yesterday the phone call came from his doctor with the news that nobody ever wants to hear. Confirmed: Squamous cell carcinoma of the throat. Monday Chad goes in for a PET and CT scan to determine the stage. Then we meet with a Medical and a Radiation Oncologist to determine strategy for treatment. The word on the street is that this cancer is curable all be it a nasty treatment.

Chad is very strong, my rock! He will beat this with all of us supporting and caring for him. Please pray for his strength and cure. Pray for my kids to be able to handle their strong daddy being sick. Pray for me that I keep my poop in a group during all of this and am Chad’s rock and not the other way around.

I LOVE YOU CHAD!!!! You got this.