Cecilia Rotilio

First post: Oct 20, 2020
Cecilia Grace Rotilio is ten years old.  She lives in Ohio with her family, pets and has friends close.  She loves learning, God, animals, and being with her friends. 

Cecilia was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma on 9/18/2020 and was immediately started on Chemotherapy.  

Ewing sarcoma is a cancerous tumor that grows in the bones or the tissue around bones (soft tissue)—often the legs, pelvis, ribs, arms, or spine. Ewing sarcoma can spread to the lungs, bones, and bone marrow.

Her tumor was discovered by MRI and was on her femur head and she will require weeks of chemotherapy and a hip surgery to remove the tumor. 

She is a great kid, and has been in good spirits considering what she has been though.