Cecilia Connor

First post: Dec 6, 2018 Latest post: Mar 19, 2021

Hey fam, welcome to Cecilia's Caring Bridge page.  As you know, Cecilia was diagnosed with leukemia on Monday, just a few days after celebrating her seventh birthday.  It's sad and lame, but Cecilia is choosing to  be strong and have fun and be silly anyway, so we're matching suit.  She has a good prognosis (more on the science from mom in a journal entry to come), and she is in the very best hands at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis, so there is much cause for optimism.  There will be a lot of strikes and gutters in the months and years to come, but we're just going to keep on bowling.   

A quick note on donations: 

We are an extremely fortunate family, both in terms of a massive and gifted support network (in the past day and a half Cecilia has been visited by our friend Stephanie, a pediatric oncologist who works here, nurse Katie who stood up in my cousin Mallory Meiklejohn's wedding, cousin Mallory, who volunteers here, and Jesse Golfis, a hugely talented artist who came bearing an unbelievable  and dedicated work of art, just to name a few), and in terms of our financial resources.  We have health insurance, and while we will have to pony up for a portion of the bills, we will not starve.  If the spirit moves you to make a cash donation, we are grateful.  If you have other gifts  or time to share, we are very grateful for that, too.  So long as the insurance company doesn't bone us too hard, we hope to pay forward your generosity by making a donation to Children's Hospital after we win this war. 

Anyhoo, the homebase for the mealtrain (is Real Chili mail-able?) and donations is https://mealtrain.com/94o2gv.   (https://mealtrain.com/94o2gv.  )

Thanks all.  We love you all.