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Cathy Donaldson

First post: Nov 21, 2013 Latest post: Apr 6, 2017

09/15/16R Mamm/US (D Schlesinger), NT call
09/16/16F Records, JC call
09/18/16N Lillys, trct/sct overprint
09/21/16W ANord biopsy
09/23/16F Init pathology, JC call
09/24/16S HM - healing in calling
09/27/16T AN U/S node basin
09/29/16R CT Chest
09/30/16F PS consult, DM consult
10/05/16W DR consult (rT3)
10/06/16R JCh consult re TNBC/TM
10/13/16R BrMRI, Bone Sc, CT chest/abd/plv, KD consult
10/14/16F Nosh 10, Rose @ 3:51pm, JC call
10/18/16T DR consult, DM consult
10/19/16W KD phone consult
10/28/16F Final PS consult
11/04/16F Lymphoscint, pre-op
11/06/16N TP/b roundup
11/09/16W Surgery (SE, TP, VH, KP, AH)
11/10/16R Day 2 (AH, LT)
11/11/16 F Day 3 (LT)
11/16/16W 7m WW/KP
11/21/16M NT, DM, JC
11/22/16T PS
11/26/16S PS (+70c)
11/29/16T PS
12/01/16R GK appt 1:1, Fldgs
12/06/16T PS
12/07/16W StLk/JdC
12/13/16T Tob shop / JC
12/16/16F No Rx
12/18/16N KP/TP, embr TWh/16fr/18fr
12/20/16T Sutton, recalib 2x
12/23/16F JC xLY
01/01/17N Fasc
01/19/17R PS, KG ride-along
01/23/17M PS (+30c)
01/26/17R IM 1 @ FB
01/31/17T Biocept, M/JCh
02/03/17F JMa
02/04/17S Green/black
02/07/17T IM 2 @ FB
02/09/17R DR phone consult
02/13/17R MDA/DN (early labs)
02/18/17S Call from FG
02/19/17N FG pier, C/co car AH
02/20/17M Bridge/ISA
02/21/17T Crown, IM 3 @ FB
02/24/17F MST/Cpnhg
02/28/17T IM 4 @ FB
03/04/17S Blue/orange
03/09/17R GSingh, CYoung
03/14/17T SP handoff
03/28/17T YMCA Board Mtg
04/03/17M VH / new goal 7D
04/09/17N C&C #1
04/11/17T IM (solo) @ FB
04/13/17R GK (solo/calibr)
04/17/17M JN 1 (solo)
04/25/17T JN 2 (solo / final)
05/04/17R GK (solo / final)



11/11 (Mon)   Found mass in my right breast

11/12 (Tue)    Exam to get orders for a mammogram (GHP/TD)

11/13 (Wed)   Kids to new pediatrician(PD)

11/14 (Thu)    Exam and iodine injection (GHP/JC)

11/15 (Fri)      Mammogram, two ultrasound exams, first time cancer was mentioned (MHBC/AN), out in the evening with Leigh and Eric

11/18 (Mon)   Biopsies of mass and two lymph nodes, more talk about cancer likelihood (MHBC/AN)

11/20 (Wed)   Kids to DDS, diagnosis, LS park with kids/Ed, us and Stephens @ Hippels

11/21 (Thu)    Phone consults (KS, GHP/JC)

11/22 (Fri)      Oncology/blood, surgery, and 2nd opinion oncology appts  (MO/SS, PS, MO/MC)

11/25 (Mon)  Oncology 3rd opinion, PET scan, movie at church w/ kids

11/26 (Tue)   Onc appt, dinner with Ed (parking garage prayer)

11/27 (Wed)  Pre-op EKG and chest xray, lunch with Barb, advice call w/ NP

11/28 (Thu)   Thanksgiving!

11/29 (Fri)     Haircut, visit with JU

12/2   (Mon)  Port surgery, dentist, ophthalmologist  (PS, GP, GS)

12/3   (Tue)   MRI, Echo, mtg with NP, onc apt/scheduling

12/4   (Wed)  Oncology 4th opinion (MDA/DN)

12/5   (Thu)   R1D0 appt/bloodwork

12/6   (Fri)     R1D1 (Taxol) scheduled but canceled, met with RCC research, 1st trip to MDA downtown, met with ISPY2 research nurse

12/7   (Sat)    Spoke with ISPY2 lead (LE), special date with Dana and Ed

12/9   (Mon)  San Francisco - biopsy, mtg re ISPY2 (LE / MWh), overnight with SF Donaldsons

12/10 (Tue)   Traveled home

12/13  (Fri)    Discussion w/ CG @ BW

12/14 (Sat)    Met B/St Sandlin,

12/17  (Tue)   MDACC: Integr Med (GL), DW-MRI, Labs, ISPY2 (CD), biostatistician (DB)

12/18  (Wed)  Field Trip to MDACC with the kids!

12/19  (Thu)   Onc consult (SM)

12/20  (Fri)     Appt w/ DM, decision analysis w/ Ed @ BW, evening @ Melanie's

12/22  (Sun)   Church (CM and DM)

12/23  (Mon)   Mammogram, ultrasound (LS), FNA node (LS), quick onc mtg (SM), mtg w/ CD

12/24  (Tue)   Christmas Eve, visit w/ Linda/Carrie, Beckers

12/25  (Wed)  Christmas - Why Bees Sing!

12/27  (Fri)     ISPY2 randomization to SOC, phone surgery consult (PS), evening w/ Ed (Porter/Union Kitchen)

12/28  (Sat)    Kingwood (w/ Stephens)

12/29  (Sun)    Discussion w/ Ed, late evening @ Hippels

12/30  (Mon)   DrB consult, Surgery consult (EM), plastics consult (MC), EKG, labs

12/31   (Tue)   Lymphoscintigraphy, anesth. pre-op mtg

01/01   (Wed)  New Years Day - re-orientation w/ LSmith
01/02   (Thu)   Surgery

01/08 (Wed)   Ran into AB at Kroger, met Patsy at H&H, Saving Mr. Banks w/ Ed

01/09 (Thu)    Prelim pathology conversation (T-RN for EM)

01/10 (Fri)      Prelim pathology conversation (ME)

01/13 (Mon)  Ed's appt (JS), MDACC library, recvd pathology report

01/14 (Tue)   Slides review (ME), oncology appt (SM), piano
01/15  Remember to forget this day.
01/16 (Thu)   8.59 mile walk with Ed from the boat circle to home

01/17 (Fri)     Consult w/ PD

01/19 (Sun)   Signal and noise sermon

01/20 (Mon)  Blindfolded walk with Dana, pathology phone consult (JS)

01/22 (Wed)  St Luke @ noon, Dermatologist (LL)

01/23 (Thu)   Plastic surgery follow up (MC), Hotel

01/24 (Fri)     Hotel

01/25 (Sat)    Hotel checkout, Chuy's & Strawberry Birthday Cake for Leigh

01/27 (Mon)   Surgery follow up (EM)

01/28  (Tue)   Med onc follow up (SM), decided "yes" on chemo

01/29 (Wed)   Prayed for closure on chemo, no chairs for chemo per JD

01/30  (Thu)   Radiation oncologist (PS)

02/03 (Mon)   Ed back @ work, joined swim team - Andrew sick and went with me

02/04  (Tue)   XRT Simulation, cafeteria and chapel w/ Ed, met Barbara, had to drop swim team

02/05  (Wed)  Chapel

02/06  (Thu)   Dana to doc then lunch together at Magnolia Grill

02/07 (Fri)     EKG, began wearing study watch 

02/10 (Mon)  Wrote the obesity post

02/12 (Wed)  Obesity Seminar at MDACC

02/13 (Thu)   XRT#1, ND Labs (3)

02/14 (Fri)     XRT#2, Port flush, finished wearing study watch, ND Labs (15)

02/16  (Sun)   Walk w/ Ed & Mooster from home to H&HK

02/17  (Mon)  XRT#3

02/18  (Tue)   XRT#4, met w/ Kim re Live Strong

02/19  (Wed)  XRT#5

02/20  (Thu)   XRT#6, rain/notes/Justina @ cafeteria

02/21  (Fri)     XRT#7, MDACC Nutrition seminar, 1st XRT class, 1st LS class

02/24  (Mon)  XRT#8

02/25  (Tue)   XRT#9

02/26  (Wed)  XRT#10

02/27  (Thu)   XRT#11

02/28  (Fri)     XRT#12, painting w/ Laura, Leigh, and KE

03/03  (Mon)   XRT#13, CC family presentation

03/04  (Tue)   XRT#14, lunch @ HHK w/ RB

03/05  (Wed)  XRT#15

03/06  (Thu)   XRT#16

03/07  (Fri)     XRT#17, ND follow up (DR) - news re NK cells and CTCells

03/10  (Mon)   XRT#18, DDA at gymnastics camp

03/11  (Tue)   XRT#19, port flush, lab work, integr med (GL), med onc (SM)

03/12  (Wed)  XRT#20, DDA visit w/ Faysals

03/13  (Thu)   XRT#21, DDAM park w/ Sanders and Faysals

03/14  (Fri)     XRT#22, painting with Dana

03/17  (Mon)   XRT#23, 19th anniversary- BfG out w/ Ed and (annd MEE w/ fever)

03/18  (Tue)   XRT#24

03/19  (Wed)  XRT#25

03/20  (Thu)   XRT#26

03/21  (Fri)     XRT#27, PET / MRI, dinner w/ Ed @ Sch.

03/22  (Sat)    Pottery w/ Andrew, painting w/ Ed

03/23  (Sun)  Painting w/ Doug, dinner @ BW

03/24  (Mon)   XRT#28, PET / MRI results

03/25  (Tue)   XRT#29

03/26  (Wed)  XRT#30

03/27  (Thu)   XRT#31, annual exam (CY)

03/28  (Fri)     XRT#32 - Last Day of Radiation!  (took flashlights)

03/31 (Mon)   Last day of Clinical Study --> Bagpipers in parking lot!

04/03  (Wed)  Ed phone consult with DRubin

04/05  (Fri)    Relay for Life

04/10  (Thu)   MC Fair, bluebonnet photos

04/22/14     MDACC - SM

04/30/14     ND phone consult (DR), root killer

05/12/14     Phoenix ND appt (DR), began TM

05/23/14     MDACC - Radiation follow up (Lx)

06/30/14     ND phone consult (DR)

07/25/14     MDACC - Bone scan, brain MRI

07/29/14     MDACC - SM apt for results

09/10/14     ND phone consult (DR)

10/28/14     MDACC - Mammogram / Ultrasound

10/31/14     ND phone consult (DR)

12/15/14     ND phone consult (DR)

01/21/15     MDACC RCC - Appt with AC

01/xx/15     Exam, ultrasound (CYoung)

02/06/15     MDACC RCC - Port Flush, Bone scan, CT Scans (chest, abdomen)

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