Carl Anderson

First post: Nov 22, 2020 Latest post: Dec 2, 2020
Carl was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer that metastasized into his lymph nodes approximately 3 weeks ago. Where the cancer is located it is inoperable. Understandably, Carl declined chemotherapy again. During CT scanning it was discovered that something was going on in his brain. An MRI was scheduled to further investigate. While waiting for genetic testing for immunotherapy and the scheduled MRI, he had a left frontal lobe stroke and lost function in his right arm and hand. He was still able to walk, stand, talk, feed himself, go to the bathroom and many things. On the morning of his MRI he had another stroke.  This time in his right parietal lobe. He lost function in his left hand/arm after that. We got the results of the MRI the next day and it was confirmed that he did not have cancer in his brain but it was ischemia. He had been having several tiny ischemic attacks (strokes). It has been about 4 days since the last "major" stroke and he has lost almost all function. He is able to sit up on his own but he cannot stand on his own. It takes a t least 2 of us to walk him from one recliner to the other. He is also unable to feed himself which we do. He is now limited to very few words that he will speak. At least 2 of us are with him 24/7. Stacy, myself (Sara), Ryan and my husband John are taking shifts with one boy and one girl so we can give him the best care and support. Late mornings and night time seem to be the worst for him.  Please know that we are keeping him as comfortable as we possibly can. Also, he loves each and everyone of you.