Brittany Shaw Brittany’s Battle

First post: Mar 19, 2021 Latest post: May 27, 2021
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In  November 2020, I had an OB/GYN appointment she did the usual breast exam. There was a little lump but she said with my age its just a fibrous cyst and we will keep an eye on it. On December 28, 2020, I received the first COVID vaccine in my left arm. Two weeks later, the axillary lymph nodes on my left side were getting large and it was also effecting my left breast. Asked the provider who I was working with that day if she could take a look. She ordered me a mammogram and ultrasound. Unfortunately, I was unable to get in until that next week. Got my second COVID shot in my right arm the same day I had my mammogram and ultrasound. Results for the mammogram stated that the findings may represent an enlarged reactive lymph node or a focal area of breast tissue, although malignancy cannot be excluded. As for the axillary lymph nodes, findings are probably benign and likely represent reactive changes secondary to recent COVID vaccine.  Ultrasound results were the same. The recommendation was to recheck ultrasound 6-8 weeks after receiving the second COVID vaccine. I was scheduled for April 28.
Two weeks later, I was working with Theresa again. I told her that it still wasn't resolving at all. She called the radiologist to make sure that they wanted to wait to recheck. The radiologist confirmed that insurance would not cover a recheck any sooner. So we left it at that.
On February 26, I was again working with Theresa. I had noticed earlier in the week that there had been some color changes to my left breast. It looked a little red. Theresa took a look then called Dr. Taylor in to get his opinion. After examination, he said that if I were his daughter, he would send me to a breast specialist. I told him let's do that. Within the hour he had talked to Dr. Brehm. She agreed that she needs to see me but she wanted me to have a breast biopsy done prior. I went in that day to get the biopsy done.
On March 1st I started my new position at work. As I was packing up for the day, I received a call from the radiologist, and I were to call her back. I got into the truck and returned her call. She informed me that the findings were breast cancer. 
The next 2 weeks were filled with appointments and tests. Brain MRI, Nuclear bone scan, CT of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis, breast MRI, PET scan and blood work. Thankfully the cancer had not spread anywhere and was just localized to my left breast, mammary glands and axillary lymph nodes.