Bridget Valko Love you, Bridget

Please scroll past SHOW YOUR SUPPORT to click PERSONAL FUNDRAISER for donations to Bridget.  Bridget has been fighting and surviving both thymoma cancer and Myasthenia Gravis since December, 2012.  In between work leaves, she worked full-time as a manager at Raytheon but finally had to leave her job late 2016 to fight her fights.  Tragically in 2016 she died twice in front of her children, before being resuscitated.  April, 2017 the doctors discovered brain tumors and she was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma.  Please, share your stories and well wishes her to lift Bridget's spirits.  If you pray, pray out loud, pray big and say Bridget's name often.  If you can donate generously and thank  you - very much!  We Love You, Bridget💞