Brett Aldridge

First post: Sep 20, 2018 Latest post: Oct 18, 2018
Brett Aldridge always has a smile on his face.  When you think of Brett you can't help but think about how joyful he is.  He has a way of a lighting up a room with his laughter and drawing everyone in. All who meet him, love him.  He is the kind of guy who faces life with optimism and would literally give you the shirt off his back if you asked.

On Monday, August 27, Brett and his roommate Logan were headed home from FHE on Brett's motorcycle going south on Geneva road in Orem when a car turning left on 400 turned infront of them. Both Brett and Logan were thrown from the motorcylce and sustained serious injuries. Brett only had one helmet with him that night and had given it to Logan for the short ride home. Brett's skull was fractured into 5 pieces and he sustained a very serious traumatic brain injury. He was rushed into an emergency craniotomy to reduce the swelling in his brain. They removed his left temporal lobe which had taken the hardest impact. Despite the odds, Brett not only made it through the first 12 hours but the next several days and weeks! His medical team is thrilled with his progress and constantly reminds him that his is the definition of a miracle. They didn't think Brett would make it through the night or the first 12 hours after surgery, he sure proved them wrong. The first 5 days following the surgery his ICP rose so much that more than likely he would be in a vegetative state or permanently on life support. Yet again he proved them wrong, he fought for his life everyday and after only 2 weeks in a coma he woke up able to move his entire body, talk, and even maintained his motor skills (such as feeding himself, throwing and catching a ball etc.) Brett will undergo a total of three surgeries to repair the damage from the accident. He still has a long way to go but is making such incredible progress!

More details and updates on Brett's progress will be posted under the journal tab.  All donations will benefit the Aldridge family with Brett's medical expenses.